Lunch Box A-Z - W for Water and Water Bottles

Today we're up to the letter W in the Lunch Box A-Z and naturally it has to be for water and water bottles. Now, if you hop over here you can read all about the importance of water and rehydration.

Particularly now Spring is here, (and hopefully the warmer days too as we slowly head for summer), it's really important to keep hydrated all day long, whether you've kids, or just for yourself.

Just try it for a day, keep drinking water, and see how much more alert you stay to the end of the day. It's amazing how feeling thirsty does affect your concentration levels...

Being fashionably frugal, you may just be looking for that new water bottle to take your water in, whenever out and about, away from home. And we've a great range of drinking bottles, even if you are feeling the pinch.  We stock a wide range of water bottles for all budgets.

Starting at £3, we've the Sistema range, with the 330ml perfect for little people, right through to the 700ml bottle for those with a bigger thirst.

We've even the Dinkee Happy bottles for the toddler too, part of the Dinkee range we stock.

The beauty of Sistema is they come with a twist and lock spout, which means :
1 these Sistema bottles do not leak
2 you don't touch the spout when twisting to open/close, so if your little one's been playing in the sandpit, and not had time to wash their hands, or you're down at the beach or you've done a spot of gardening, and just want that drink fast... you simply twist and lock the spout up, to drink; or twist and lock the spout down to lock it tight. Your fingers turn the dial, they don't touch the spout that pops up in the middle...

What's more, these Sistema bottles are freezer safe, so you could pop them in the freezer the night before, then pop the chilled bottle in your lunch bag, just before heading out the door... They are microwave safe and dishwasher safe too.
Available in lime, pink or aqua, so there's choice of colour too!

For all those LEGO fans, we've the LEGO drinking bottles

These can hold 400ml of liquid and come in a variety of colours that can mix and match with the LEGO lunch boxes. All the lunch boxes and snack boxes are sold separately.

We also stock the lovely Blafre drinking bottles, made of high quality stainless steel, that can hold 350ml of liquid, even juices as well as soft drinks, or water. These come in a variety of retro designs, and do make the perfect gift. We've the thermos flasks too if you want to keep the liquids hot or cold.

Or, if you're after something a bit more retro and a bit more subtly grown-up, we've Cabanaz... the thermos flasks that'll hold 650ml, and will keep that drink extra hot or extra cool, whatever you're up to...

So how do you like to drink your water?

We love hearing from you!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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