Lunch Box A-Z - E for Elephants

#NaBloPoMo continues and it is getting tougher by the day now, we've been blogging every day this month... 

Today it's back to the Lunch Box A-Z, and we're on the letter E. Well everyone knows E has to be for Elephants.

We've red elephants, brown elephants, and they are just so cute... we've got them in a whole range of handy items for whenever you're out and about...
- whether it's for an Autumn walk, a day out, for school or just to have handy for when out in the car, we've got them all:

the bottles

the thermos flasks

the tin lunch boxes

and the cute little tins...

And we can't forget the bunting...

And you know in some countries, elephants are considered to bring you luck! So if the trunk is up, it's really lucky!  These also make great gifts all year round...

But if it's Easy lunch box ideas you're after, then check out the Lunchbox World website for lots of hints, tips, inspiration and recipe ideas.

What does the letter E say to you?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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