Lunch Box A-Z - O for Owls

I feel I've turned in to an owl these past few days, having been up half the night tending to poorly kiddlies, eyes out on storks, peering out into the dark dark night, trying to settle them back down, making those hushing sounds hoping to encourage instant sleep...
Oh if someone would stroke my brow...

Sorry back to the lunch boxes. These are for sure my favourite designs in the lunch bags and lunch boxes we stock - the lovely lovely owls. So, in the Lunch Box Alphabet, O has to be for Owls.
We've quite a few different owls really.
I wonder why?!

We've the Blafre owls
- the purple,
Blafre Purple Owl Lunch Box

Blafre - Owls on branch small tin
the two owls together on the branch - in the lunch boxes, some in the drinking bottles

AND the thermal flasks too, so if you do have to watch that rugby match, you can take your cuppa with you...

Blafre Purple Owl Thermos Flask

We've also the Stephen Joseph owl lunch bags,

Stephen Joseph Owl Lunch Bag

the GoGo Rucksacks, just perfect for sleepovers, or after school activities...
Stephen Joseph Go Go Rucksack - Owl

So if you love owls, you know where to come - the Lunchbox World Shop...

And isn't this the cutest owl sandwich ever seen?

If you want to find out how to do it, just hop over to "Cute Food For Kids" to find out how... Wouldn't that just make the perfect lunch ... all the owl kit and an owl inside! What a treat!

Yes, I think it's official. We just love owls!
So what's your favourite? Have you found a favourite sandwich you'd love to share?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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