Lunch Box A-Z - L for LEGO!

In case it's skipped your notice we stock the LEGO lunch boxes! And as we're up to the letter L in the Lunch Box A-Z, it has to be L for LEGO!

We've the lunch boxes...

The Drinking Bottles...

The snack boxes... (in a four brick)
and the larger snack boxes... (in an eight brick)

And just think, if you've a lego fan in your family, young or old, they would love one of these, so hop on over to the shop and see what's in stock. They make great pressies all year round...

We've black, yellow, green, red, blue or pink, so whatever your favourite colour...

And to top it, we've even discovered folks are making LEGO sandwiches out there, or even cupcakes with LEGO chocolates on top... Take a look at these over on the blog Dukes and Duchesses....

And it all starts with the LEGO icecube mould...

So what would you come up with for the letter L? Ladybird maybe?

We love hearing from you, so hope to see you here or on our facebook page...

The Lunchbox World Team x

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