Lunch Box A-Z - K for Kit Bags

Another week gone, and just two more shopping weeks to go until Christmas!
Today we're back to the Lunch Box A-Z and it's the letter K for kit bags and of course everything for kids...

We've owls, frogs, dart frogs, pirates, ladybirds, monkey girl and more...

These Go Go Backpacks are great practical gift ideas, they can make a great kit bag, over-night bag, sports bag, or school bag.

Dart Frog Go Go Backpack
Frogs Go Go Backpack

Owl Go Go Backpack

So to find out what else we've in stock in the Lunchbox World Shop, hop on over, take a cuppa with you, and browse the shop.

Some useful tips:

*  If you set up an account on Lunchbox World, you can ship gifts to up to five different addresses other than your own and manage your orders

*  You can pop items in your shopping basket, and if no time to check out immediately, when you next log back in, the items will still be saved in your basket, as a kind of wish list, making shopping that much easier

*  We accept all types of credit and debit cards, as well as paypal, and the shop is totally secured by an SSL certificate. So you also get peace of mind

*  Last order date to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas is 21 December for standard delivery. But we really recommend you order ASAP to avoid any disappointments...

What's the letter K for you?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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