Lunch Box A-Z - J For Jazzy Lunch Gear

Today we're back to the alphabet, the Lunch Box A-Z and we're up to the letter J.  J can be for jam, or just because. But we've such a fabulous range of jazzy lunch kit, it just has to be "J" for jazzy... both the jazzy sandwich you eat and the jazzy kit you carry.
From bottle slingers to camera cases to lunch bags, all to match or all to clash, whatever your style...

There's so much colour, these are sure to brighten any day!
We've price points for every budget, so go on and have a look...

Jazzy Sandwich Fun with the Tex Mex Wrap!

Now the FUN bit!
Here's a jazzy tex mex wrap that's simple to create and will undoubtedly wow whoever sees it or tastes it!

What jazzy sandwich would you create?
Send them in our post them up on our facebook page, we always love to hear from you!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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