Lunch Box A-Z - T for Toddlers That Travel and TUMTUM

Into March already and the year is flashing by - just like a Mad March Hare...
So we are up to the letter T in the Lunch Box A-Z. Well it has to be for Toddlers that travel, and TUMTUM.
We've a great range and lots of fresh ideas too...

One of our best-sellers, the TUMTUM range is perfectly designed for the little people in your life - the lunch bag, the drinking bottles, the snack pots, that come in a handy pack of four (with the ladybird on the lid) all match and have been designed by parents for kids.

Similar to the Russian dolls, these snack pots all fit inside one another for easy storage and are totally kitchen friendly. By this I mean, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, so are FUN for the kids and practical for Mum too.

Just perfect for boys and girls, the TUMTUM range is reasonably priced too. Just hop over to the shop and have a look.  Remember looking is FREE!

We've also the toddler range or Dinkee range in Sistema - the happy bottles, just such FUN! Sure to put a smile on any face...

Happy Bottle - in Blue or Pink
the snack boxes, again all kitchen friendly - dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.
In fun colours, your little one is sure to love them! Easy for little fingers to open and shut too.
Again really reasonably priced and they are built to last. So go on, hop over and have a look!

Now if you're thinking what else begins with T, how could we forget the fun tractors

Tractor Lunch Box

and transport items we stock...

Transport Lunch Bag

Now to the challenge: a sandwich beginning with T. Now could we find a transport sandwich or a tractor sandwich? Thanks to Little Nummies, they've come up with this tractor sandwich...

Again it's all in the colours. The more vibrant and colourful the food, the more I find they are likely to eat it, and if it's all chopped up into bite-size or finger-sized grazing fodder, again the easier it is for them to just pick it up, pop it in their mouth and well, just get on and have their lunch!

So what's your favourite lunch idea when travelling?
If you're feeling bold and you make your own sandwiches, why not pop up your ideas on the Lunchbox World facebook page.
We can't wait to hear your ideas!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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