Lunch Box A-Z - G For Gorgeous Green Gadgets

Monday morning, bright and early and we're back to the Lunch Box A-Z theme.

Today it's G for Gorgeous, Green, Gadgets.

These beauties have to get the first mention. They are simply Gorgeous! I never leave home without mine... (check out my handbag here... )
Just take a look at these to-die-for lunch bag / hand bags by Alexander Girard, the famous pattern designer.

And if you're an ipod, iphone, digital camera, smart phone owner, you'll want one of these camera cases to match...
La Fonda Hoodie Case
And yes, we've got them in all three colour ways..

We've given you the links here too, so you can make heavy hints with your nearest and dearest...

You're sure to make heads turn with one of these on your person!


Now Green can mean a number of things
 - green lunch kit
- can be environmentally friendly
- the colour green,
Green Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags...
- BPA free,
- recycled from materials or could be recycled,
- can help you create a waste free lunch
- or is it simply eating the greens and aiming for your 5-a-day?!

Well, we cover most of these and more...


Now you may not have seen these, but if you're often away from a power source, literally out in the field, on-the-go, then this Powapatch is just for you.

A brilliant gadget for staying connected.  They are CE marked, and come with a guarantee, (that goes without saying), and the clever bit is, they are solar charged. 
And as they come with an array of adaptors, you will pretty much be able to charge everything you need. Just velcro it to your bag or person and charge whilst on-the-go...

What's more you can top the Powapatch up from a power source or from the laptop before you head out, then top up with solar power as and when.

All these can make the perfect gift and will help keep your lunch-on-the-go FUN!

So what does G mean to you?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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