Lunch Box A-Z - H for Hippie Hearts and Home

We're up to the letter H in the Lunch Box A-Z.
In school they teach us "H is for House" but in the world of lunch boxes, it has to be for Hearts and Hippie...

Hearts up first...
Heart Lunch Bag inc lunch boxes

All these lunch bags from Valira come with at least one lunch box included, which is microwave safe, freezer and oven safe too! The school nomad bags come with 2 lunch boxes and a cup, as shown in image above, so there is definitely more for your buck.

Nomad Basic Lunch Bag with Pink Heart

Hippie ones...
Nomad School Hippie Lunch Bag

Being devoted fans of shabby chic and love hearts at Lunchbox World, when we discovered the Valira range with its latin chic and lovehearts combined with hippie style, we just knew these had to feature in the Lunchbox World Shop!

What's not to love...?

For ideas to put the love back into lunch boxes, hop over here. And here's a love heart lunch we put together here


It's Day 30 in the NaBloPoMo and yes, we made it! We're Home!
We've posted every day this month, and not missed a single slot!
Amazing work and we hope you liked the regular updates. We have absolutely loved it, and hope you have enjoyed the mix of posts. We plan to continue and post every day in December and beyond....

Please let us know what you like or don't like, we love to hear from you!

What does the letter H mean to you?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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