Lunch Box A-Z - R for Retro Lunch Boxes

As we skip through the lunch box A-Z, we arrive at the letter R. Now there are so many lovely retro ideas out there, and I have to wonder is it this time of year, when we all get a little nostalgic, thinking of what's gone by, speculating on what this year will bring, where we're heading, our goals and aspirations or is it a trend?
Whatever, we just love these retro designs, and the thing is, you'll use these over and over again.... so you can be fashionably frugal too!

From the retro designs from Norway with the lovely Blafre, to the soft cream flasks of Cabanaz, we're sure to have the kit you need so you can prepare that tasty lunch for on-the-go...

Retro Elephants

Retro Brown Elephant Lunch Boxes, and bottles

We stock them in red too...

Retro Red Elephant Lunch box, flask and bottles

And if you fancy taking in an elephant flask, why not look at these...

And do you know what they say about elephants with their trunk up? It brings loads of luck...

Or if you're looking for slightly more grown up retro, check out the Cabanaz range or the green flowers...

Small tins - for lunch or just for fun

These are sure to bring a smile to your face each time you use them...

Or if you're yearning for the summer and nostalgic for those warm hazy days, check out the rest of the range we stock... It costs nothing to take a peak...

Now what retro sandwich would you do? We love hearing all your lovely comments, so what would you do for lunch?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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