Lunch Box A-Z - V For Variety

With the kids back at school after the break, it's important to establish that lunch box routine again. We're up to V in our Lunch Box A-Z. Variety is key to lunch box success.
Varied diet, and variety in texture, colours and themes (if you've the time).
After all, variety is the spice of life.
I know myself, with my own lunches, it's so easy to get stuck in a rut, to create the same lunch day in, day out, and well, frankly, get somewhat bored...

That's where the 365 Lunch Box Challenge comes in ... our new blog with a new lunch box idea every post. Trouble is, life's got in the way, and the updates have been less frequent...

On a brighter note, there's lots of new variety in the lunch box gear this season : the polka dots are back in! We've lunch boxes, lunch bags and picnic rugs, all to mix and match, as well as family picnic bags and lots more! If you're wanting salad one day, sandwiches the next, we've even the salad lunch boxes to keep all your salad separate until you're ready to dress, mix and eat!

We've some new designs, so check those out!
the brand new candy dot design...

Family Picnic Bag in Candy Dot

These cute picnic rugs in polka dot - available in blue or pink, that fold up flat - ready in your boot for that spot of sunshine in the park...

Polka dot picnic rug that folds up

Union Jack designs are big this year what with the Jubilee, Olympics and Coronation celebrations - so for those still feeling patriotic this year, we've the muted tones in the lunch bag and matching drinks bottle. Think "Cool Britannia"...

Union Jack Lunch Bag (matching bottle sold separately)

And due to popular demand, the sandwich lunch box from Holland is back in stock - we've the red, orange, lime, pink and clear...

Orange sandwich lunch box with movable compartment divider

So back to you. What's your favourite lunch box idea?  How do you keep YOUR lunches varied?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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