Lunch Box A-Z - U For Unique

At Lunchbox World we search for the unique.
We search for those lunch-on-the-go items that can't easily be found on the High Street. We endeavour to offer unique designs and a unique choice of lunch bags backed with great customer service.

What's more, Lunchbox World has a pretty unique offering when you think about it. 
Not only have we a great range of products : lunch bags, lunch boxes, bottles, and pretty much everything you need to create that packed lunch or picnic spread, we also share the ideas, the tips and hints, the recipes with you, our growing readership, too!
So you can find everything you need on the one website, Lunchbox World.

We hope you like our uniqueness.
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Feel free to tweet us @lunchboxworld on twitter and in case you missed this post, we started our 365 Lunch Box Challenge earlier this year - 365 Lunch Box Ideas. So you're sure to find some lunch box ideas that are just perfect for your lunch, whether it is for school, work or for a day out...

So we think we're pretty unique, but it's what you think that's more important. So let us know...

Now just to share some of what we feel are our most lovely lunch bags, take a look at these...

Built NY Lunch Purses in the famous Alexander Girard designs

Clippy London Chiller Lunch Bag - Emily
The Purple Owl Lunch Box by Blafre
This is just a tiny taster. To see the full range, do browse the shop.

But please don't think we're not practical, we have all the practical lunch boxes too just in FUN colours. 

We've the sandwich lunch box, and more stock's arriving in the next few days - in orange, red, pink, green and clear...

and the LEGO lunch boxes with matching snack boxes and bottles, if you're keen to get the full range...

and the ever practical yet FUN Sistema range.

What unique lunch box item is your favourite?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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