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Wow. The weeks are flying by. We are just in time for this week's Gallery, thanks to Sticky Fingers.  This week the theme is green. We thought landscape, trees, flowers... nature. Then thought....
Hey, why not do our own green landscape, so here it is!

Everything you see here is available in our shop, plus more, so do take a look if you are in need of some new lunch box kit.
In all seriousness though, we do sell "green" items - all the Sistema lunch boxes and drinking bottles are made of BPA lead free virgin materials and the Crocodile Creek range of lunch bags and drinking bottles are all eco-friendly products, so we do think of the environment. Plus all these products are re-usable, so all go towards reducing the need for plastic bags, clingfilm, foil and help you when creating that waste-free lunch box.
Notice at the bottom of the image, we've the brand new LEGO lunch box! Just arrived in our shop for all those lego fans!

To see all the other entries, click on the Gallery. Take a cuppa with you!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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