Almonds In Your Lunch Box

Gosh, the week's flown by. And now the kids are off on half term, so we all start to feel pulled in many different directions!

So how was Valentine's for you? Did you pop something special in your lunch box. Did you put the love in your lunch box like we suggested here or even here?

Pancake Day is fast approaching (Tues 21 Feb 2012) and I wonder how many of you will pop a pancake or should we say "crepe" in your lunch box?
I've even noticed Tesco has started doing their ready-to-eat chocolate crepe, another on-the-go snack filled with chocolate...

So what will it be?

One of these ready-made, ready-filled crepe - as a quick and easy treat for the kids or are your schools a bit like the school patrol, or lunch patrol, ever watching what you put in the lunch box for your kids?

Or will you bake up something special and pop that in?

We love to hear all your lovely comments and try and reply to them all, so do share!

Meanwhile today is National Almond Day...

and we've popped up a muffin recipe over on the 365 Lunch Box Idea Blog, so if you've got the time, why not bake up a batch today. Now they do make 30 but I am sure, these really won't hang about for long, they are really delicious and packed full of goodness...

But if you really don't have time for any of this, then do consider almonds when reaching for that snack. They are very nutritious and keep you going when energy's flagging.

So have you ever tried almonds? Or do you only think of them as something in marzipan or something that goes in the Christmas cake?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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