Happy Valentine's Day! Let's put some LOVE in your lunch box!

Well here's the one I prepared for myself! I was up early at 630am making a Valentine lunch box for the whole brood. Hubbie even got some of these scented rose petals in his! It's all a bit of fun. Not sure what kind of reception the boys will get at school from their peer group. No doubt Tuna will get "ah cute!" from her girlfriends when all the love hearts and red and pink items appear. But for Spike and King Julien, well, we'll have to wait until home time... Maybe I should take my bullet proof jacket for added protection at school pick up!
If you want to read the whole Valentine round up on the Lunchbox World website, do check out the News and Features section! Lots of quick and easy ideas, and these can also be used for Mother's Day too, or for any special day.
At Lunchbox World we love gingham, polka dots and love hearts, so we like to include these whenever we can!
We even have some cupcake bunting up in the office, as we love cupcakes too!
Enjoy the day wherever you are!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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