Hearty Lunch With Minimum Fuss

We're all feeling it, those January blues, not sure what to eat, maybe lacking in energy, cupboard's bare, or just don't fancy what's in the fridge, but we need to watch what we're eating too.
Have you discovered Tasty Little Numbers yet? We were lucky to receive a box stuffed full of their goodies just before Christmas, and we talked about their snacks here, and yes, we're still munching our way through the microwave options...

Now we are not ones to really go for ready meals. Maybe it's just how my mother brought me up. Baking, and cooking from scratch are a big tick, ready meals a big NO!

So what did I have for lunch today? Mushroom stroganoff, just 200 calories, and totally heart-warming too. I just pulled off the cardboard outer, pierced the plastic lid, popped it in the microwave for 1min 40sec exactly and voila...

I carefully digested the instructions and these little numbers can be kept in your drawer, just watch the best before date. So if your office has a microwave, or indeed if you're working from home, I would highly recommend keeping a stash of these in your cupboard for dreary days such as today. (No need to store in the fridge!)
I wolfed it all down with a chunk of fresh bread, and mopped up all the juices, and all this was in the guilt-free knowledge that this meal was no more than 200 calories.

For more information on their range, check out tasty little numbers.
They are well worth a try.  You can even take them to work in one of these cool and zany lunch bags...

So what do you eat for lunch on a dreary January day?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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