Munching Through Tasty Little Numbers...

Look what I found on my desk...

a box packed full of Tasty Little Numbers...

I've just munched my way through a couple of bags. I know what you're thinking, I shouldn't have, but you see, they've only got 100 calories in a bag. And what's more, they are REAL food, not diet food. They actually tasted pretty flavoursome too.

So I happily munched my way through a bag of  the salty malty chip sticks, swiftly followed by the sizzlin and smokin bacon rashers (in between shooing the kids out of the room and off to bed, you understand. No, these are not for sharing. Off you go!)

These are perfect for a lunchtime snack and remember, with just 100 calories in every snack bag or 200 calories in the snack pots, there's no need for those pangs of guilt.  You can even order them online from without even leaving your desk!

Now, to top it off, here's some interesting statistics for you:

41% women in the UK watch what they eat constantly
22% of the adult population begins a diet every month
15  million is the number of people on a diet at any one time in the UK

So it looks like it is possible to watch what you eat, but have the real food too!

What secret treat do you like?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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