12 Days Of Lunch Box Festive Fun - Day 5

Day 5, and we're back to the Lunch Box Festive Fun ideas... Love hearts are never far from our thoughts, and across Europe at this time of year, are abundant in all the Christmas markets.  So, if you're lucky enough to escape to a Christmas market, you'll see hearts everywhere... If not, just take a look at IKEA, and you'll find them there too! But in case you've no time to spare, then scroll on down and see our top 3 ideas...

We've some delicious recipes that use love heart cutters, are simple to make, and will brighten up any lunch box.

The Love Heart Cookies, will always be one of our favourites - you can decorate them however you like... Here they're in a subtle pink, but why not do white ones, red ones, or red and white striped ones, like a candy cane. Ever popular with our brood, they never stay in the jar long...

Hop over to the Lunchbox World Recipe section for full details...

Then there's the family favourites, the Peppermint Creams, beautifully simple, and icy white...

Homemade Icy White Peppermint Creams
Or if you stumble across a French Market or Christmas Market, keep your eyes peeled.
They make lovely gifts...

So what would be your festive treat?
The Lunchbox World Team x

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