12 Days of Lunch Box Festive Fun - Day 3

"Will it snow on Christmas Day?" is a thought never far from our minds.
With some mountains already reminding us of rich puff pastry delights covered with an extra thick dusting of icing sugar, we're on to day 3 of our Lunch Box Festive Fun and it's the turn of the snowman!

Now if the only kind of snowman in your neighbourhood is standing by the Gingerbread House or the inflatable variety out in the garden, why not make your own smowman to pop in your festive lunch box.

All pretty easy to make, just needing a steady hand, here's the sweet and savoury ideas we've found on the internet:

Easy Snowman on a Stick:

from Cute Food For Kids

2 Oh No! My Snowman is Melting!

Another favourite from Cute Food For Kids...

3  Snowman Sandwich

if you've some circle cutters, and some carrot, and raisins, you can whip this one up in a jiffy! Thanks for the idea, for the full post hop over to Preserving Life's Moments

Frosty Snowmen Cupcakes
from Family Fun, the Disney website, they've transformed some simple cupcakes into some delicious snowmen creations, and you can watch their quick video too for a step by step guide...

Which one is your favourite?
If you've made some already, do send us the photo or pop it on our facebook page!
We always love to hear from you!

Snow Ho Ho!
The Lunchbox World Team x

As always thanks to Cute Food For Kids with supplying us with endless inspiration!

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