The Whirl Wind of Cybermummy 11

Cybermummy is over
Gone in a flash
Wow what a dash
Rushing here
Dashing there
Grabbing a croissant here
Meeting a familiar face there
Running from Cybermummy 1 to 2 or 3
Never having enough time to nip for a wee
Goodie bags galore
What else is there in store?

So what happens next?
On my great quest?
Will the sponsors follow up?
So many questions
So many unanswered
Will this be the turning point?
Did I say yes, like Red Ted Art suggested?
Time will only tell...
Now I can just sit down for a spell
Slurp that coffee, reflect on the day
But with a warm feeling that Cybermummy was just "Hip Hip Hoorah!"

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Come stop by again soon...
The Lunchbox World Team x