Lunchbox World's Going To CyberMummy 2011!

This weekend it's CyberMummy! Yep, this very Saturday!  We've waited months for this, and the tension has been building! We were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, and I know there's lots of folks that would love to go, but just can't this year.  So we'll be one of the newbies on the block, so do be gentle with me!

For those new to the world of blogging, CyberMummy, now in its second year, is an annual conference, this year there'll be 400+ Mummy Bloggers attending! It's a chance to get inspired, learn the latest, meet and exchange ideas and of course make many new friends and cement ones we've made virtually, on twitter and facebook ...
Many of us have already met, either by commenting on each other's blogs, or even at Blog Camp in London a few weeks back, or by tweeting and liking on facebook. All those things that were totally alien to us maybe a year or so ago, but are now so common place to every day life!  So it'll be great to actually "meet".

Perhaps we should all wear our little thumb nail images from our twitter id for easy identification! 

Ruth Douglas, also known as twitter id @summerlandc has been busy this week making up her limited edition bizcard purses to store all those essential business cards we'll be exchanging on the day. I just hope I've enough to last the day! So if by nothing else, you'll spot this on me, and know I'm Lunchbox World!
Can't wait to see the Lunchbox World one in the flesh but if you click above, you'll see the sneak peak!

So, now a quick meet and greet:

Name: Caroline, Lunchbox World, known locally as "The Lunchbox Lady"

Blog: Lunchbox World Blog and website

Twitter id: @lunchboxworld

Height: 1.65m
Hair colour : dark but never say black... now with a little sparkle!

Dress: most likely to be found wearing pink

lunch boxes - naturally, sorry, had to put that in...
good food, simple pleasures, traditional values, shabby chic, love hearts, photography, languages and travel

Don't Like:
graffitti, tattoos, mean people or wasting time - never have enough time, so never dawdle, more like trot!

So be gentle with me, being a newbie and all.
Roll on Saturday, should be lots of fun, just need to decide on which workshops when.
Good luck to hubbie looking after the brood. Luckily one's heading off to a sleepover, so it's just the boys that are left.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to meet you Saturday!
Look out for the cute bizcardpurse in lime green gingham and a splash of pink, that'll be me!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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