Lunchbox World Blog Evolving #2

Following on from our recent trip to London for Blog Camp, we've been busy putting some more lessons learnt into practice!
See here for earlier post, in case you missed it.  (I must just say another thanks to Talk Talk and Tots100 as it was such a good camp! And no tents were involved!)

Key Learnings:

1.     Readers on the web read in the shape of an F

solution : have key elements along the header, down the left hand side, and across the middle, allowing the reader to scan the content quickly as they look down the page

2.     Keep blog posts brief to entice the reader in

solution : put in a read more to give folks a tease into the blog post

3.     People are reading less and less, so break down the information into manageable chunks or sound bites

 - people skim read more and more, so break it all up with headings, bullets points, lists

solution : keep blog posts concise

4.     Make it easy for your readers to find the information on your blog

solution : have some key navigation points in the top left so it's easy for readers to navigate around your blog

And this is the area we managed to crack today!
So now top left we've added a Categories heading - this has got the new pages to :

The Lunchbox World Shop page
Our Lunch Box Recipes page
The Lunch Box Hints and Tips page
and of course our SALE section.

So if you're keen to grab yourself a bargain, do check out the SALE section as some are up to 40% off, as we make way for new lines coming through this summer, that are great for on-the-go!

We'll also be adding in a review section shortly.  This will make it really easy for you to keep up to speed with any of the new food or drink products that come out on the market, that are ideal when it comes to lunch-on-the-go.

Hope this is all helping you find your way around the blog more easily. If things don't work, do give us feedback. We're on a huge learning curve when it comes to the blogosphere!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x 

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