Lunchbox World up to London to Blog Camp!

Yesterday was the long awaited Blog Camp up in London, sponsored by Talk Talk.
It definitely exceeded expectations and we have been chomping at the bit to put some of the lessons learnt into action! However being Friday the 13th, the day has not quite gone to plan!

Anyway, back to Blog Camp!

The journey up to London was a treat, dipping the big toe into the big London commute. Not something I would relish every day, but you know, it is fun once in a while. Once in London, peak rush hour, 845am, following the herd like little black ants. Yes, everyone seems to wear black (apart from me, of course, in denim jacket and cream trousers, with my baby pink pashy (pink pashmina) obviously looking like I was on a day out in London!) 
Being crammed in like sardines on the platform, waiting for the tube. 5 minutes pass. First tube goes past absolutely full to bursting, absolutely no chance of getting on that one. It was full on arrival! Hardly anyone left the platform.
Was that a dream I saw a tube?  Second comes along, and with gritted teeth, I vowed "Right, I'm getting on this one!"
As luck would have it, I was standing in the perfect place, just where the doors were opening, and with one chap ahead of me, promptly positioned myself just inside the doorway on the tube, wedged nicely face against the glass. I was tempted to scream "Let me out!" and bang on the glass as I faced into the carriage, but knew that would be wasted on the real commuters. And they really would not find it at all amusing!

Only 3 stops to go, and a small female voice (not mine, I hasten to add) called out, "Excuse me!" to which the whole carriage turned to see where this small voice was coming from. She obviously was elbowed in the face, or worse still suffocating beneath someone's armpit. Ugh...

Before I knew it, it was my stop so I carefully squeezed myself out of the carriage, onto the platform.  There was no way the lady was going to allow me passed, nor to step off the train. She would have never got back on it, it was that jam packed!
So then on to the escalator again, following the herd, back up to ground level. Now, I don't know about you, but if there is ever an escalator, I have always walked. Whether it is up or down, I always walk, saves so much time, don't you think?
So up I walked, speeding past all those slow coaches standing on the right. But doesn't it just annoy you when either the person in front of you walking up on the left slows down into a crawl, or worse still just stops?  Or you get a tourist that does not get the London ways even though there are signs to tell them to stand on the right?

A bit early to arrive at Blog Camp, I quietly got myself a coffee, grabbed a handful of business cards so as to be ready to meet and greet as many new folks / bloggers as I could. Complete list of attendees can be found here.
The whole day was inspiring.

Perhaps, the book I had read on the way up on the train had really put fuel on the fire! I am currently reading Richard Branson's "... it, just do it!" and on reflection, I did have to tone myself down somewhat rapidly once the fellow bloggers started to arrive. So apologies to anyone if you did feel I was indeed a little over the top! I just get excitable and am just really keen to glean as much information and to meet as many people as possible. One of the first bloggers I met apart from dear Amy Lane, a fellow Jury member for Finish Quantumatic, and of course Mirka too, I met the dear Joanne Mallone and apparently I made her day! So am chuffed I had an anonymous mention on her blog.

Unfortunately the day sped by and the juiciest SEO slot was kept until last.
The secret is also out... 
How did they know?
That bloggers love cake?
There were biscuits on arrival, then delicious cupcakes at break, then the giant Blog Camp cake was wheeled out on a trolley just as I had to dash out...
So to all that managed to get a piece of that cake, well done you! Thanks to Tots 100 for pulling the event together. Can't wait for the next one!

So do keep coming back to see the blog evolve over the coming weeks, as we aim to make Lunchbox World ever more visible! and more easily found!
Thanks for stopping by!
The Lunchbox World Team x

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