Cravendale Milk - Frothed to the Max

The kids are back at school this week after a fun-packed half term, so we're diving back as quickly as possible into the school routine. But believe me, with 3 teens in our brood, it's a challenge! 

The need to get up early, allow time for a good breakfast, before the mad dash to the bus stop. You know the drill - you hope that they'll remember to grab their lunch, let alone remember to eat their lunch! Then once home again, quick snack before knuckling down to homework, chillax time, (teen speak) before packing their school bags, ready for the next day. It's a long day once at secondary school, and they need all these nutrients to keep them going, particularly with sporting activities too!

That's where our hero comes in - the pure and simple white stuff, milk... and in this case, not just any milk, it's Cravendale Milk, filtered for extra freshness... 

Cravendale Milk in a Bottle
- photo credit to @jobeline20 on instagram

Now this half term we found a frother. You may have seen them? We were out looking for props for this post, and I stumbled across it in a home-ware shop. It's a battery powered hand-held frother - perfect for whipping up our milk to the max. 

Cravendale Milk Frothed to the Max
Whether it's for coffee, cappuccino, a hot chocolate or just a fresh cold refreshing glass of milk, we now make froth every opportunity we have!  At weekends, we even top it off with tasty marshmallow treats or a sprinkling of chocolate powder!

This has given our milk drinking family a new lease of life, another art to perfect! So you can imagine what the kids' phones and instagram feeds now look like!!

Just like all teens these days, we've watched some YouTube videos to learn how to create that perfect froth. And I think we've nailed it! Perfect temperature for the milk before starting is 70C. Then carefully froth up to perfection. Add to your drink. Don't attempt to froth up the whole glass, just the topping.

As a family I think you can put us in the "serious milk drinkers" category. We consume about 4 pints a day, which equates to about 28 pints a week! The kids drink it at breakfast, drizzle it on their cereal, drink it after school and before bed time. The best cereals they love to team milk with are Weetabix, Alpen (the blue pack) and either Apricot Bites or Blueberry Bites. At weekends, we'll whip up batches of pancakes, waffles or scotch pancakes, which uses lots of milky goodness too. For us, we can drink it in two ways, either ice ice cold, or hot hot hot! If it's simply pure fresh milk, then it has to be cold....and now the kids prefer it frothed up to the max...

Our favourite - milk and cookies, frothed to the max, of course 
And as this is a competition, we've tried to tempt you with some juicy mouthwatering photos of Cravendale milk, the creamy white stuff at its very best. So please browse slowly and savour to the max...

Cravendale Milky Goodness in Bottles

Cravendale milk for serious milk drinkers - photo credit to @jobeline20 on instagram
Cravendale milk pure and simply white - photo credit to @jobeline20 on instagram

We haven't tried Cravendale Milk before but we were pleasantly surprised. It's just so creamy and so white. Both Spike and King Julien love it! And the blue and white straws just make it!

We bought the semi-skimmed version and it's got a really nice creamy taste to it. The other plus is the milk lasts a whole 7 days, so for us, away at half term, it was great to be able to grab a 4 pinter before the hols, leave it in the fridge unopened, knowing it would stay fresh, be perfectly chilled, and ready for our return. 

So now that we make our milk frothed to the max, does this make us serious milk lovers?

Now as always, I love to throw a question back at you. So how do you love to drink your milk? And what is your most favourite milk drinking occasion?

Please comment below, or tweet us @lunchboxworld, facebook, share on pinterest, instagram. We love hearing all your comments. 

Thanks for reading!

The Lunchbox Lady x

This post is an entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale. All opinions, thoughts, images, and comments are our own. Special thanks goes to Tuna, my oldest or @jobeline20 as she's known on instagram for taking the amazing black and white photos showing the pure white Cravendale milk, at its very very best. 

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