Be Safe, Be Seen This Bonfire Night

Firstly Happy Bonfire Night to one and all!

We sadly missed our local Fireworks Night, held last Sunday 1 November, as we were en route back from our sunny half term hols in Germany. Normally the kids are all volunteer helpers at the event in our village, which is always organised by the Scouts and Explorers. Being keen Explorers, they all love to help out by running either the sweet stall or selling tickets at the gate. The voluntary hours all contribute to various community badges that they are keen to have adorning their scout uniform. All a bit like an additional badge of honour!

Anyway, tonight's the night, Bonfire Night when we normally rustle up some sparklers for outside in-promptu family fun and sometimes we'll even get the BBQ going, sip on a hot mug of soup then finish off with toasting some marshmallows on sticks around the BBQ.

Now the nights are drawing in, and if you are heading out, please please please be sure to be safe, be seen and be visible.

I wanted to share with you some information I received from Volvo on a unique, rather special reflective spray they now sell. It doesn't show up in daylight, but as soon as darkness falls, it glows brightly in the headlights of cars, making vulnerable road users - kids, cyclists, bags, clothes, bikes all easily seen in the dark.

It's called Volvo Lifepaint, which you simply spray on textiles and fabric, and is now available from local Volvo dealerships nationwide. Now you may think this is strange to be talking about this on the Lunchbox World blog, but we live in a really dark area, and by that I mean, little or no streetlights nor footpaths, so it's something close to my heart.

It's pretty rural round here and I know how hard it is, sometimes as a driver, to actually spot cyclists or pedestrians, particularly when their coat or clothing is dark in colour. It is so easy to blend into the foliage around you, and simply not be seen, until the very last minute.

Now my two boys both have paper rounds now and each Wednesday I send them out, dressed in their high vis jackets, accompanied with their high vis paper round trolley bags, hoping they'll also wear their high vis gloves and be seen. We live along a country lane with no footpath, and at night, it's pretty dark around our roads.

I've even got the boys kitted out with those head torches, so they can rummage in their bags for the paper, hands-free. The head torch also keeps them visible whilst doing the round and walking home. It's something else that's moving around in the darkness with its aim being to attract the attention of a night time driver, in an area where it is black as black can be.

For more information visit the Volvo Lifepaint pages or watch the short video below. It's £9 a can.

Now back to some thoughts of heart warming soup ideas to warm the cockles this Bonfire Night.

So, my question to you, how do you stay safe and be seen in these darker days?

Thanks again so much for reading!

The Lunchbox Lady x

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