Walkers Crisps Bring Back Retro Flavours But How Do You Eat Yours?

Always wanting something savoury and crunchy to snack on at lunch time, I sometimes reach for that bag of crisps. Now I'm curious about lots of things, and these crisps got me thinking. How do you eat yours?
Do you nibble them? Eat them straight from the bag? Grab a handful and munch on those? Pour them out onto a plate with whatever else you are eating, or into a bowl for the family to share, or do you put them into a special dish to make more of the occasion and eat them delicately?

Have you ever stopped to think about it for a moment? Have you? Or is it just me?

Well, for me, if I eat them straight out of the bag, I tend to just wolf them down, munch one after the next, not really savouring those flavours. Yet, if I put them in a special dish, (a bit like they do if you order a drink out, you often get a little dish of savouries to nibble on) it's as if I've made a special effort, and then I seem to think more about what I'm eating, and make more of a special effort to savour them, enjoy those flavours.

Special Crisps

Then if I lay them out like this, don't they just look scrummy?

Crisps up close and personal

And then if I add in some cheese and chives and a few props...

Walkers Crisps for Special Occasion

And then if I pop that frame around them... you see, don't they just look so yummy?

Walkers Crisps - Cheese & Chive

Obviously I don't eat them like this every day! Just on special occasions!

So you can imagine how delighted I was when Walkers got in touch to let me know they've brought five flavours back - for a limited time mind. You may have seen them on the shelves already? Walkers Retro Flavours are back in the following five flavours:

Toasted Cheese
Lamb & Mint
Beef & Onion
and Cheese & Chive

This time there are big big prizes up for grabs and it's up to you to vote on them to bring ONE of them back permanently.
Details are on the packs of crisps, available in individual bags, grab bag, 6 pack, and 24 packs.  To vote, hurry on over to the Walkers website for full details or visit their facebook page or find them @walkers_crisps on twitter.

Remember, you must hurry though. Voting closes on 1 November 2015!
Those that enter will then have the chance to win £100,000!
Winners updated and posted over on Lunchbox World website

Oh, and before I forget, you can probably tell which is my favourite... yep, the Cheese & Chive.

Marmite flavour however is back on the shelves already - you either love it or hate it...

Let me know how you eat your crisps. I would love to know!  And also let me know which is your fave?

Thanks for reading!

The Lunchbox Lady x

Disclaimer: The Walkers crisps were sent for review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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