Fun Lunch Box Idea - Mattessons Double Dippers

Some shocking new research is out that tells us where people eat these days... The sample size is 2000 people but it sure does give an indication into our eating habits in the 21st century.  It covers questions such as how many meals we eat a day, to where exactly we tend to eat.

Would you believe it, some snack on the school run, at the desk, on the tube, on the bus, that's fair enough, but then I read on to discover what people are doing whilst eating. And eating whilst on the loo comes in at 4th position. Ugh.. And that's not great is it?

To help combat our snacking habits with healthier options, Mattessons have just launched their brand new Double Dippers in a load of different varieties.
We were sent to try these out over the weekend. The kids loved the cheese and the italian or mediterranean flavours whilst hubbie loved the ones with that extra kick, the thai and the tikka! My favourite was the italian.

These are stocked at all good supermarkets, so you can't miss them. They'll be in the chiller cabinets and are a handy pack to give you that treat in your lunch box. And if you want to grab yourself a money off voucher, head over to the Mattessons website

So come on, spill the bins, where's your favourite place to have a snack, and what do you tend to be doing whilst eating?!

The Lunchbox Lady x

Disclosure: We received these samples to try. This is a sponsored post.

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