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It's this time of year that many start thinking summer holidays and what to do as a family. For some they manage a February break and head for the ski slopes, for others, that shy away from the snow, they'll head for the sun.
For us, we are always in search of adventure and family fun.
This summer you may recall we set ourselves the challenge of hiking around Lake Annecy, a mere 41 km around one of the most picturesque parts of Europe, as a family. The kids are getting older and we make sure everyone is having a holiday, and having fun. So we do multiple activities to keep everyone happy! In case you missed it, here are the links: Hiking around Lake Annecy part 1, part 2 and the final part 3.

This next year, the kids want more! They want to sail, kayak, canoe, go on zip wires, giant swings, water ski if that were possible, scuba dive, you name it, now they are aged 15,13 and 11, they want to experience it all!
Nicknamed at Thorpe Park as adrenalin junkies, they are always up for the next thrill! But when asked what would they prefer: summer sun or winter snow. They immediately shouted Winter Snow! They love the snow, that feeling of whooshing down the mountain, wind in the hair, balancing on two skinny skis, navigating themselves down the mountainside. Yes, they can ski, but they would LOVE I repeat L.O.V.E to learn how to snowboard and learn the odd trick or two on jumps!
Being able to ski already would help them pick up snowboarding a bit quicker, but I appreciate all sports are slightly different!

That's where Mark Warner come in with their amazing summer and winter holidays, where you get to try all sorts of activities - summer sun or winter snow.

So before I get carried away, for those new to the blog, let me introduce us.  We are an outgoing outdoor-sy family of 5: the two fun loving parents and the three sporty teen kids.

Meet the fun loving Job Family - are we the next MarkWarner family? Let's hope so!

Ian, hubbie loves the outdoors. If the sun is shining he is out there, ready for an adventure, always walking, swimming, running. Having the sun in his hair is his idea of paradise!
Then there's me, the Lunchbox Lady, who rowed for 6 years as a student in Oxford, so was *coughs* very fit at one point, winning regattas each summer.

The three kids are just annoyingly good at everything. They swim, play tennis, are active in scouts, not shy to have a go, they have experienced skiing but would love to go back and try snowboarding and learn some tricks on picnic tables and jumps!! They love nature, craft and well, everything really!

So for us to go on a dream Mark Warner holiday where you can embrace all these activities would be pure magic! The kids could go off and do their activities and hubbie and I could get to spend some well earned quality time together for part of the day or we could all be together for some more family magic! (Did I mention Hubbie travels alot on business and most of the time is working out of Head office in Germany with me and the family in the UK.) So family time and precious family moments are all the more important, and that's what we are all about when we get together! Simple family values, having fun and enjoying being together!

The kids would love to learn to snow board. They've done some skiing and are pretty fast learners, have a good sense of balance, so would get loads out of a winter sport holiday. Hubbie and I love the snow and all its twinkliness! Getting out on the slopes, feeling the mountain sun beating down on us, in amongst nature, the blue skies, high up in the mountains is just the most invigorating experience out there. Yes, it gets chilly but as long as you wrap up, it's oodles of fun. After an exhiliarating day's exercise, to then return into the warm, sit by the fire, sipping on a vin chaud, or hot chocolate, and enjoying the apres ski on offer.... well, that is my idea of Heaven on Earth! x

We live by the slogans "Eat that Frog!" ie just do the things before they appear to be like a frog, ie something you put off can get uglier by the day. "Just Do It" is another one, and we also say "And why not?" ie why not try that, you don't know until you try...

What would your dream holiday look like?

The Lunchbox Lady x

Disclosure: This is our entry for our family to be chosen and for me to become a MarkWarnerMum. We've worked with many food and drink brands in connection with Lunchbox World, including Actimel who we're grateful for providing funding for our family hike in the summer; Thorpe Park, Warner Bros Studio, Woburn Safari, amongst others.

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