It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas...

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...
November already steaming ahead, the blustery Autumnal days upon us, leaves being blown down at every possible moment and that certain chill in the early morning air... Won't be long now. I just worked it out, it's ONLY 43 days to Christmas Eve! And what's that I heard on the radio this morning? Oxford Street Christmas lights are being turned on?
12 November at 5pm to be exact, that's tonight, so if you want to see Jessie J and James Arthur help Capital radio switch on the lights, you'd better hurry and make sure you arrive early. Selfridges is a big sponsor in the Christmas lights.

Anyway, I digress. I was up in London at Selfridges the other week, in their Champagne Bar on 2, as you do, browsing all the delicious hampers and sweet treats, ready for that indulgence at Christmas time. Meeting all the artisan producers they so closely work with, understanding the difference between Christmas pudding and Figgy pudding, and sampling some amazing fudge and out of this world salty popcorn chocolate bar too...

Always at the front of my mind at this time of year is what presents, what gifts to get the adults - the parents, the in-laws, and it is becoming increasingly difficult each year, not just the older they get but adults tend to not have any "wants", not like kids do. They either have everything they need or simply don't want anything. But I always think Christmas is a time of giving. Food is a great gift, as it's edible (obviously!) but it won't clutter up the place like a book or a DVD will. Once it's eaten and relished, it's gone. Until the next time that is.

And that's what I really like about the new range of hampers that Selfridges has launched for this Christmas.
My personal favourite is the Film Lover hamper, the perfect gift for all film lovers and includes a popcorn maker, very retro!
Very keenly priced and beautifully presented in a delightful white box with yellow ribbon, the Selfridge colours of course, and, makes a great gift for a couple.

Film Lover Hamper

Other personal favourites, the coffee lover

Coffee Lover Hamper
and the cocktail lover hamper.

Cocktail Lover Hamper

Now there are an increasing number of single folk wanting small portions of Christmas pudding and of course the traditional Christmas cake. And Selfridges have just these mini portions, perfectly packaged - so perfect if it's just the two of you wanting that little taste of Christmas or for one that's maybe having someone over for a cuppa.

Now if you want to put your own personal touch on a gift this year, you can of course select your own gifts and have them packaged in the Selfridge box tied up with the yellow ribbon.
It all depends on how much time you have on your hands...

But I think these gifts are a great idea if you are pressed for time and looking for that little luxury, knowing that artisans have lovingly produced the chocolate for instance (bottom of the image below). If you've a marzipan lover in your family, there's even brussel sprouts or little fruit made of marzipan (top centre of image).

decadent sweet treats at Selfridges

One thing that is on my list this year is the chocolate.  (The kids keep asking me when we can try this chocolate filled with popcorn that I was so excited about).

The chocolate bar I am talking about is from Madagascar and it is just a 90g bar, but you will not be disappointed! It's made from Madagascan milk chocolate and has salty popcorn inside it. So don't be confused, it's not chocolate coated popcorn but a chocolate bar with popcorn in it!
With a price tag of £8.99 it is sheer indulgence but in my humble opinion, worth every penny! Just make sure you savour every single morsel! Sorry, I can't stop thinking about that popcorn chocolate bar. I might just order some online, get it delivered and squirrel it away!

Whilst in Selfridges, I took the opportunity to wander down into the basement to the Food Hall. And it must be years since I have been there. Possibly before I was even married, dare I admit it? (Well we have been overseas for 11 years, so please allow me that!) And who did I bump into but Mr Selfridge himself?

I just love the heritage and the real story behind Selfridges, the fact the customer is always right, and it's undeniable that this perception is being continually enhanced and enriched by the TV series Mr Selfridge.
I don't miss a single episode. I religiously sit down with my cuppa and am glued to the box every Sunday it's on.

So if you are struggling for decadent indulgent ideas this Christmas, do take a look at Selfridges, and if you are not close to London, that doesn't matter either. They are online and do deliver, delivery starts at £4.95.

And you know what treat I'll be popping in my lunch box this year? Yes, a whole bar of that Madagascan chocolate bar with popcorn. Just for me!

The Lunchbox Lady x

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was invited to attend a press event that launched the Christmas range.

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