Tips to Make A Spooky Halloween Lunch Box

Halloween is fast approaching. And like so many of you out there, I am discovering, not everyone loves Halloween. Following a rather distasteful Halloween involving eggs and flour, I try and grab the fun bits but not the horrible monster, ghosts and ghouls bits... Too scary for me, really.
We used to live in Poland many years ago and there they celebrate All Saints Day (The Day of the Dead) and this year it's 2 November. That is when all the cemeteries come alive with twinkly lanterns and flowers. It is a day when they remember their dead, their loved ones that have passed away. I wish we had such a public holiday here so we could make a point of visiting graves, tomb stones or plaques on this special day. So in Poland, we didn't celebrate Halloween at all, apart from carving the pumpkin that is.  (It may be different now).
All Saints Day, Poland photo credit to

So here's our twinkly candles but with apples laid out on Autumn leaves...

So back to Halloween, and lunch boxes, one of our favourite topics(!) and what better FUN than to come up with some Halloween themed food.
Now in the US there are tons of sites devoted to bento lunchboxes, and I have to mention this lady, Lian Mama Bento who creates such exquisite lunch box treats - these mummies and of course the ghosts at the bottom.
But you can achieve amazing things with just satsumas, a pack of sweet worms, jellies, smarties and some cupcakes with licorice shoelaces... You can be as creative as you like!

I also found this amazing Halloween blog hop last week! Just click through the badges to get some inspiration for your lunch box!

And you know we've been wrap crazy recently? Competing in the lunch less ordinary challenges? Well we couldn't resist this wrap idea...

So how spooky with you make your lunch box this Halloween?

The Lunchbox Lady x

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