Spooky Fruit for Halloween!

We're well into the Halloween spooky spirit this week and have just spotted a new challenge! We've jumped at the chance to get arty with fruit! The challenge: to create some spooky fruit without using pumpkins or squash or any of the usual suspects, carve your creations, ready for Halloween!

So, I hurried on out to the supermarket once again, grabbed apples, pears, melon, satsumas, and a grapefruit, ensuring we have fruit of differing sizes, and hurried back home. We then started on the research with the oldest Tuna, and the youngest King Julien. Spike was out at table tennis or football practice, I can't remember which, so unfortunately he missed out this time, but half term is coming and we can make some more!  Now hubbie is the expert really as it's his thing to carve the pumpkins with the kids each year, and he's been doing this ever since they were teenie. But, with hubbie working away, we had to get on with it. We cleared the kitchen table and with a knife in one hand, started carving....

Well, here are the results.

Let me introduce you to all the characters, we've Monsters Inc Spooky Fruit Melon

Then there's Spooky Fruit Pear with all his goofy teeth

Say hi to the Spooky Fruit Grapefruit who's not too well and well, erm, spewing..

And a couple of Spooky Fruit Apples

and then there's the little Satsuma Cat right at the front...

So this is what we see at breakfast, in broad daylight...

A couple of years back we could get no pumpkin and didn't have tealights, so we used apples, autumn leaves as a base and birthday candles over here, so you can get creative with anything! You just have to open up that mind! And CREATE!

So what do you think? Which one is your favourite?

The Lunchbox Lady x

Disclosure: all creations are our own. This is our entry into the #spookyfruit competition to win some spooky Halloween goodies. To join in the fun, you have to hurry as it closes at midnight tonight, hop on over to the alex and alexa website. Special thanks have to go to King Julien and Tuna who created the really artistic spooky fruit! x

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