Lunch Less Ordinary - Week 3 - Favourite Movie Wraps

OK so you've seen our first entry for this week - 7 countries in 7 days. Yep, I am sorry this challenge has literally taken over our house this week! We are Wrap City!
You see, wraps can be so utterly versatile - these are my 15 year old's words after we ate all the wraps last night as pizza topped country creations!
We are on a roll now. So now to our second challenge this week - favourite movies.

We've done the savoury wraps, so for a change, we went for sweet wrap creations.
We used whatever sweet treats we could find in the baking cupboard : jelly beans in red, white and blue (patriotic for some!), M and Ms, sour worms, shoe laces and anything else we felt would come in...
We just invested in one of those cake decorating pens so you can draw on any food and know it's edible! Ingenious! This really helped King Julien draw out his design on his Mediterranean wrap first...
It made it then really easy for him to complete his design with the sweet treats!

1. Top right (yellow and red sweet wrap) was created by King Julien, aged 11.
2. Bottom right (green sweet wrap) was created by Tuna, aged 15.

Can you guess what movies they are?

I am so chuffed they came out so well. Did you guess correctly?

Look away if you're still guessing!
1. Despicable Me - full credit has to go to King Julien, our youngest budding artist.
2. Monsters University - full credit for this has to go to Tuna, our oldest budding artist.

Did you manage to guess them?

To see these sweet wraps inspired by our favourite moves being created, you can watch the videos here:
First up, Despicable Me - Tuna kindly filmed this one

And the second one (filmed by yours truly), Monsters University...

So which do you prefer? The sweet versions or are you more of a savoury person?

The Lunchbox Lady x

This is our second entry this week to the Lunch Less Ordinary challenge as set by Mission Wraps UK. To find out more, do hop over to their facebook page and whilst you're there you can enter their competition to win some amazing prizes to mega exotic destinations around the globe.

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