Little Adventures Challenge with Barny Bear

You may have seen the ads on TV already, Barny Bear has arrived in the supermarkets and is ready to play with all little people. He comes in a pack of 5 individually wrapped Barnys, in a smart box.
Perfect for snacks whilst out and about, or for popping in that lunch box, they are currently available in two flavours: sponge bear with hidden chocolate centre, or chocolate sponge bear with hidden milk flavoured centre, so either way you are in for a chocolate treat!

We received a box of each to test, sample and savour and Barny encouraged us to hop off on an adventure whilst we are at it!

Barny in our front garden ready for an adventure

Well, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know we are always up for adventures!
The kids are keen cubs/scouts/explorers, so we do the grand hikes, ski, sail, swim, canoe, paddle board, but we also do walks in the woods, cycle rides, pond dipping and conker collecting.... Whatever gets us out and about and back into nature... We are always searching for FAMILY FUN for FREE!

Now I was away all weekend at my floristry course, but hubbie did take the kiddies out. First they hiked round the village, Friday night, as I sped off down the drive. The thing is, as I heard later, they ended up hiking in the dark without torches! Next time he needs to take the torch or it does get a bit spooky out there!
Then on Sunday, I was still away, they headed off on a bike ride to kick a ball around on the common.  With Barny in tow, and the wind in his hair, ever ready for a new adventure!

Bikes, Helmets, Barny check!

So it doesn't matter how old or young your little people are, there's always FUN to be had and something to be explored!

Here's the brood all pond dipping in the summer! Intrigued as to what they catch, we always take along the pond book, for identification purposes of course!
Pond dipping

Kids up a tree on a break after playing tennis
Whilst the kids are all at school, Barny and I have been having some fun too! Whilst I work, he's been chatting away to me next to the laptop, then we had a quick run around the garden.

I did secretly hide the last Barny so I could try him myself, and they are rather tasty as a snack.  I need my elevensies too don't I? These chocolate ones with milk centre are rather scrummy with a cup of coffee! I will definitely buy them again, especially as they are on offer at the moment!

This adventure was inspired by Barny. To find out more and to see the full nutritional breakdown of the sponge biscuits, hop over to Barny's World.

So what is your most recent adventure?

The Lunchbox Lady x

PS This is a competition entry for Britmums "Little Adventures Challenge" in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. We're in the running to win prizes for the most adventurous including a luxury rustic family holiday adventure! I will keep you posted with any update! We did receive the sample Barny sponge bears!
To find out more about Barny, visit

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