Be Honest Now - Are you a Luncheonist?

Now I am not pointing the finger here, but could you be a Luncheonist? Be honest now, do you think you are a Luncheonist?
Want to know what one is?
OK the definition: A Luncheonist is an amateur food stylist, with a growing obsession and competitive nature, that's fuelled by their passion for how their lunch presents an image of themselves to those around them.
Got that?
A bit like this...

A True Luncheonist - image credit Warburtons

Let's sit back a moment and think about this: We live in a country where TV cookery programmes, celebrity chefs are being shown 24/7, around the clock on dedicated FOOD and cookery channels. (As a child that was raised on 3 TV channels, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that one day there would be TV channels devoted to COOKING, BAKING and anything and everything FOOD!)
In addition, we are becoming obsessed (OK let me correct that - I am becoming obsessed) with social media and food.
So is it any wonder therefore that there is a growing trend, and that millions of us are now obsessed with snapping photos of our food, instantly uploading them to facebook, twitter, instagram and then commenting on them?
And is it any wonder that our lunch time habits are changing?

According to research conducted by Warburtons, here are some of the findings:

Let's also consider the options out there for lunch preparation a moment. Gone is the only option of the humble loaf of bread. Now we can use an array of alternatives, such as pitta, wraps, bagels, rolls, muffins, buns, and most recently our favourites, the sandwich thins. And with all this constant inspiration on both TV and on the internet, is it really any wonder that folks are becoming inspired with their lunch? A chance to show off their hidden talents and boost their sense of wellbeing?

So you see, it's not just me after all. Lots of folks are livening up their lunch! At last, the lunch is getting its well deserved makeover!

But coupled with this new phenomena, Luncheonism, comes the new type of envy, "lunch envy" and that is now seeping into UK offices. Lunch, is after all, one of the meals of the day that others will see and view. And with the audience being such a key judge on many reality TV shows, everyone is just too willing to pass comment and pass their judgement. Breakfast generally still tends to be a home affair, thank goodness!

Now if you are in search of new ways to impress your friends and are looking for more inspiration, do let's see if we can help bring out the Luncheonist in you!

And if you are happy to share, remember we have our "Share your Lunch" pinboard over on pinterest!

Have a great lunch!

The Lunchbox Lady x

Footnote: research was conducted by Warburtons via One Poll, where a sample of 1000 mums and 1000 office workers were surveyed online on 13.09.13.

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