The Ultimate Big Family Night In

The Ultimate Big Family Night In

Little Stuff have been asking questions again. So how would you spend the ultimate family night in if you could?
Gosh, we've thought long and hard about this one. What would be the ultimate Big Night in for the whole family to enjoy? We've thought and thought about it for a whole week. The budget: £750. The restrictions: it has to be for the whole family to enjoy and it has to be at home.

No harm in dreaming once in a while is there? So how easily could you splash £750 of cash? And if you won it, what would you do with it?

As it's a family night in, we have to bring everything back to our house!
We ummed and aahed. Should we have a chef for the night that runs a kind of private class for us to master a new technique, and then eat the results, all dressed up in our glad rags? Should it be a gaming night? What could it be? How about transforming our lounge into a private cinema room?
Or what about bringing something in and using our outside space right by the house?

And this is what King Julien has come up with... so over to you King Julien...

So... for the back garden, (as you can see his imagination has literally run riot!) we would hire a snow machine. It's unlikely to snow in the near future so rather than jet set off to the Alps, bring the snow here! So for the first activity we could have a load of snow and make snowmen and have a huge snowball fight.

Then we'd have an ice sculptoring session for the whole family. Yes, it does involve chain saws and various chisels and hammers, so not something for the really little people...

We'd be all wrapped up with hats, coats, scarves and mittens and hopefully create some amazing ice sculpture for all to admire. Well, until it melted at any rate.

We'd have music piped out of the house via our brand new SONOS music system so we can have endless tracks playing to help us relax and create that masterpiece.

Meanwhile in the front garden, in the drive, a giant skate park would be erected by a special team. This would have half pipe, grinding rails and goodness knows what (sorry I am not nearly up with all the jargon as he appears to be).

The kids have scooters and skateboards and roller blades, so they would do their stunts, with pads and helmets, while hubbie and I would huddle around the fire pit in the front garden, sipping on our mulled wine, nibbling on our toasted chestnuts (the ones that you roast on the open fire).

Once the kids are exhausted, we'd then head inside to the lounge that would be transformed into an amazing cinema room, with chairs that rock, and prop your legs up.
We'd watch an amazing family friendly movie on the brand new 40inch TV, with surround sound. Along one wall would be the popcorn machine, for endless pots of popcorn, a hot dog machine, a slushy maker, a pick and mix stall, loaded with sweet treats and a nacho machine. Just like at the cinema only we'd hire them all for the day...

Maybe we'd wade through the Indiana Jones movies or the James Bond movies that we all love watching over and over.
Then stuffed to the brim with sweet treats, we'd stumble off to bed.
That would be our perfect night in! I think we'd need to start at lunchtime to have enough time to do it all!

Do you think this would blow the budget?

Why am I dreaming?
Two Little Fleas is running a competition to find out what families would do on a family night in if they had a budget. It's a brand new review portal that gives you the information on all the best places to play bingo in the UK.

Fingers and toes crossed!
The Lunchbox Lady x


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