So What Does a FAB Fashionista Have For Lunch?

I don't know if you saw this brand new TV series, "Fabulous Fashionista", on Channel 4 this week in the UK? But it has really struck a chord with me ever since and I cannot stop thinking about it.
If you missed it, you really must watch it. It's being re-shown this Sunday 22 September at 7pm UK time on 4SEVEN. (Sorry if you're not in the UK). Or you can catch it on YouTube.

Basically it is about 6 extraordinary women with an average age of 80 and how ageing does not have to be grim. We see how these 6 women are ageing beautifully, that they have not simply become "invisible women", they love life and live life to the full and continue to do so well into their eighties and beyond.

"Fabulous Fashionista" is the work of the award winning Director, Sue Bourne, who is behind the thought provoking documentary style show and demonstrates that growing old does not necessarily mean grim and grey.

Well, it got me thinking. I have always had this aim to age gracefully and let's face it, I am not so young anymore, but it has totally given me that golden nugget of inspiration, of hope.
You are only as old as you feel, and there is so much you can achieve, even in your 70's or 80's! Two of the ladies, re-started their careers at 70, one as a fashion model, Daphne Selfe (85), another, Jean Woods (75) was snapped up in GAP Retail. Then there is the Baronness Trumpington, (91) the oldest woman in the House of Lords. Sue Kreitzman (73) switched careers from successful "Low Fat Cookery" writer to being an artist, and Bridget Sojourner (75) re-trained as a gardener and campaigns on ageism. Gillian Lynne, choreographer of Cats and Phantom of the Opera still has a heavy workload at the age of 87 and has no intention of slowing down just yet! So there is hope for us all!

Now the show covered the fact that many do their daily exercises and I mean religiously. They cannot start their day without their exercises. Jean runs three times a week, Daphne and Bridget both do yoga or a combination of yoga and pilates and Gillian recommends keeping the spine supple, by doing endless floor exercises to avoid unnecessary injury. She will not start her day until her exercises have been completed.

But of course, what interests me, being a foodie, is but what do they have for lunch?

What does a FAB Fashionista have for lunch?

From what we saw on the show, the choreographer, Gillian has a healthy diet thanks to her husband who is 27 years younger.

But for me, it is important to know what they eat, what do they honestly put in their bodies, the nutrition. I mean "you are what you eat" right or not?
I totally get the importance of keeping moving, being active, keeping the brain active, (as it is a muscle that also needs exercising) or everything will start to cease up over time. But what was not covered on the show (and this is not a criticism) was their diets, what they eat, their lifestyle in terms of what they put in their bodies.

So here is what I have come up with after a day's researching:

1 Exercise is paramount to combat the ageing process - Daphne can still do the splits!
Best to do floor work as you are less likely to hurt yourself (Gillian's tip)
2 Daphne Selfe has never really been into wild parties or got helplessly drunk, but Bridget's doctor recommends yoga and the odd stiff vodka
3 Daphne has never had botox or used any expensive facial creams. She couldn't afford it and she wears her hair long because it is cheaper! But Gillian recommends a regular facial and the Baronness has her hair done weekly at the hairdressers
4 A diet of fruit, vegetables and fish and drinking plenty of water is essential to Daphne's lifestyle
5 The moment you start letting yourself go, that is the moment when you are old

So, to recap, to age gracefully you need to:
embrace change
keep curious
stay in shape
keep on learning

If I can find out what exactly they do have for lunch I will immediately share this with you!
If you have any tips for healthy lunches in the meantime, or an opinion on the ageing process, do have your say!

Before I forget, here's the trailor on YouTube for you to get hooked!

The Lunchbox Lady x

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