Lunchbox Colours of the Rainbow - ORANGE

Welcome to Lunchbox World if you're a new follower.

Here we talk about lunchboxes, how to avoid lunch box fatigue, how to make lunch FUN and how to keep things healthy and balanced. We've previously covered the Lunchbox A-Z and we recently started our Lunchbox Colours of the Rainbow, Today we're up to O for ORANGE.

Just look at the array of colour you can introduce into your lunch. Not just with the lunch box or lunch bag you pick, but when you sit back and think of food in terms of colour, just think how many things are ORANGE!

Let's kick off with fruit and the sweeter options:

the humble orange of course!
and if not in season, think jelly or tinned fruits that can be de-canted into an airtight leak proof container

orange pepper
orange tomatoes
carrot - perfect if chopped into sticks or for those that love lovehearts, chop it in to lovehearts!

And now we're heading into Autumn, just think of all the squashes that are coming into season along with the delightful pumpkin!

I mean, just look at this chart. So the next time you are in the supermarket, just take a look at the colours you can introduce into your lunch box! And try it!

Open your eyes to colour and add some into your lunch!

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Until the next lunch box idea...

The Lunchbox Lady x

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