Our Top 5 Recommended Lunchbox Books

We are often asked by our readers what books would we recommend when packing a lunchbox. So after much searching, we've put together our top 5.

With Back to School just around the corner, this is a great time to get prepared for packing those lunches again. If you browse now, you've got time to get the book before term starts. Now if you're up in Scotland, that is actually next week (yikes!)...
To help you, we've put in the links so you can just click through and browse with ease... So here's our top five.

1 Annabel Karmel's "Lunchboxes"

Hop over here to browse

2 "Black and Blum Lunch box Revolution Book"

To browse Black and Blum click here

3 "Funky Lunch" by Mark Northeast
 one of our favourites when it comes to making lunch FUN!

For Funky Lunch click here

4 "Not Just Sandwiches" by Jenny Tschieche

For Not Just Sandwiches click here

5  "The Healthy Lunchbox" by Fiona Beckett

The Healthy Lunchbox Book click here

So these are our top five.

Now if you've come across a great book full of lunchbox inspiration, and you think we should know about it, do share with us and let us know!

We can then add it to the list!

Happy lunch packing!
The Lunchbox Lady x

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