How to Liven Up Lunch the Warburtons Way!

So how do you liven up a lunch? Some folks think it's got to be the same old lunch... But not so at Warburtons...

Last night a small hamper of goodies arrived on our door step delivered by a friendly biker down from town. The mission if we decided to accept it: to pack a fun lunch with Warburtons goodies!

Let's just say we all looked like this... 

Here's a snapshot of what we received along with a couple of recipe ideas to follow and some silly fun hats to wear whilst preparing our lunch!

The kids took to it like a duck takes to water!
We love the Warburtons thins, they're sliced in two for easy packed lunch preparation and we promptly filled our sandwiches, ready for lunch today.

Here's the recipe we plumped for:

Chicken supreme recipe


2 Warburtons sandwich thins
2tsp low fat mayonnaise
Approx 10 slices cucumber
Approx 10 slices red onion
1 cooked skinless chicken breast, sliced
handful rocket lettuce, washed


Having prepared the ingredients above, take two sandwich thins and open up on the worksurface or chopping board you are using.  Put the top halves to one side temporarily.
Spread the 2 bottom halves of the Warburtons sandwich thins with mayonnaise, and arrange 5 slices of cucumber and red onion on the top of both halves

Place the slices of chicken on top. Then the rocket leaves on top of the chicken.
Then take the top halves of the sandwich thins that you placed to one side, and close your sandwiches.

We secured ours together with cocktail sandwiches and cut into triangles a bit like club sandwiches.

We were sent other recipes to try such as the Tex-Mex Mayhem and the Tuna Trawlermen. We'll explore these recipes another day!

Meanwhile the Warburton's team have been putting together some FUN videos to inspire you to have FUN with your lunch... hop over here to see the latest instalment...

If you love watching these out-takes, then hop on over to the Warburton facebook page to view the families in their head to head challenges on who can have the most fun in the kitchen preparing lunch!

So what tip would you share for packing a fun lunch?

The Lunchbox Lady x

Disclaimer: all thoughts are our own. We had lots of fun.

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