Freezable Lunch Bags Keep Lunch Cool for 10 hours!

At last! They've arrived in the warehouse! The brand new range of PACKIT! lunch bags that you can freeze!

Freezable Lunch Bags That Keep Lunch Cool for 10 Hours!

Just pop the whole lunch bag in the freezer, all folded up so it won't take loads of space... Leave it in there for 12 hours! The next morning, the sides are all frozen. Prepare your lunch as usual, pop in the lunch bag, and voila! It'll keep your lunch and drinks cool for up to 10 Hours!

Here's the range - the larger cooler lunch bag for the larger appetite

And the mini cooler lunch bag for the smaller appetite

To go and check them out on our shop, hop over here

Let us know what you think!

The Lunchbox Lady x

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