Who Said Lunchboxes Can't Be Stylish?

So who said lunchboxes can't be stylish?

The humble lunchbox has been getting so much press lately. I feel a rant coming on but I will carefully craft that blog post. For now, I just want to show you all that there are some really stylish lunch bags out there, that are sure to put a spring in your step!

Take this Euro girl on the back of the Vespa, dashing through the streets in Spain... rushing to work with the lunch slung over the shoulder...

This lunch bag range is called Valira, and we import it from Spain and we're one of the very few stockists in the UK that stock all the zany and vibrant designs.

What's great about these lunch bags, although you might think a little on the pricey side at first glance, is what you get for the money! Not only are they really practical and well thought through in their design but you get so much for your buck!

Included in the hard case Valira lunch bag:

2 x lunch boxes with lids that clip shut. They also have a seal around them to keep salads and dressing in the box and NOT out of the box
1 x napkin/serviette
1 x silver foil covered tray - can be used as in the photo as a little plate or serving dish

The hard case lunch bag includes two lunch boxes, serviette and tray

These hard case ones come in black, grey, copper, bronze amongst other colours, have an adjustable shoulder strap. They totally zip up so keeping the contents cool until you're ready for lunch. They also include two lunch boxes, that are perfectly designed to stack upright, so no more squished and squashed lunches!

Lunch boxes that can go in an oven!

The lunch boxes are special in themselves too! They can go in the oven up to 200C, in the microwave and in the freezer, as well as fridge (that goes without saying), so you can imagine the practical ways you can use these!

Now if you think these hard case lunch bags are too rigid for your needs, we've got the messenger or takeaway bag that's perfect for students and young professionals, wanting a bag for lunch that'll double up for storing the takeaway on the way home...
It's got a handy shoulder strap just like your standard messenger bag, the only difference this is lined so insulates your lunch...
Messenger lunch bag
We've also got some more kiddie friendly designs covered in flowers, hearts and hippie design.

Hippie design includes lunch box and cup!

hearts lunch bag includes 2 square lunch boxes and cup

And as we've got our summer sale on over in the shop, these are on a big discount so why not start your Back To School shopping early! And save some pennies!

Here's the link to go and browse the range over on the shop!

Let us know your favourite!

The Lunchbox World Team x

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