Lunchbox Colours of the Rainbow RED

We're always thinking up new ways with lunch boxes, new lunch box ideas, and following on from our Lunchbox A-Z, we're now bringing you The Lunchbox Colours of the Rainbow!

Do you remember the saying :
"Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain?" Well that's how I taught my kids to remember the colours of the rainbow!
And you know, when it comes to food, colour is just so important.
We all eat with our eyes don't we? So if it looks pretty, we're more likely to eat it. If it's colourful I know I would be more likely to eat it!

What attracts you more when you see a whole display of food?
For me, it's always the colourful salads, the colourful fruit salad - anything like that. But maybe that's just me?

So to kick off, we've got RED first!

Lunchbox Colours of the Rainbow RED:

Now what red items are there that can go in a lunch box?
Here's a picture that'll get your juices going and give you all the ideas without me writing pages...

RED fruit and vegetables add colour to lunchbox

Well, starting with savoury options:

tomatoes - cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, sliced, cubed, cut into flowers...
red pepper - cut into sticks for easy dipping, cubed in a salad
red cabbage sliced in a salad
radish - perfect in salads as well

and these can all be simply chopped or sliced into finger food whatever your age! Popped in a salad with pasta or couscous... the possibilities are endless.


red apples
red grapefruit
peaches, nectarines
red grapes

... you get the picture, and once you start thinking there are loads of things you can do to just bring that touch of colour to your lunch!

sweet stuff:
jammy dodgers as a treat, obviously!
jam tarts - homemade preferably
strawberry jelly
raspberry jelly
forest fruit yoghurts in a pot or tubes

And in terms of lunchboxes, what kit have we that's red?

Well, I'm glad you asked. We've red lunch boxes, red bottles, all sorts. Here's just a sneak peak...

RED lunch boxes and bottles in stock at Lunchbox World

It's that simple really to add that splash of colour and help put the FUN back in!
So do hop over to the shop and have a good look! These red ones are just some of our favourites!

So what favourite item that you have is red?

We love to hear all your comments!

The Lunchbox Lady x

PS you know what's coming soon - the next colour in the rainbow!

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