Love Food Festival in Gerrards Cross

Now who would have thought it? A food festival on my doorstep? In Gerrards Cross too?
It was a 3 day event and I just had to have a nose...
It ran from Friday - Sunday and was just packed to the brim with local produce, local sellers and lots of ideas on my favourite topic, FOOD.

I was lucky enough to turn up early and have a good chat to most of the stall holders. I mean, don't you just love this le rac shack...

I was also in time to hear the lovely chef @FoxyRichard or Richard Fox as he's really known, speak on leftovers and how to basically use up everything, and reduce waste. (If you want to find out more he features over on the LoveFoodHateWaste website).
He managed to rustle up a 5 course BBQ meal out of leftovers in just 45 minutes. It really just opens up your mind.

His top tip:
use a recipe, but then gain in confidence and swap out ingredients depending on what you have in your store cupboard at home. Don't feel you always have to rush out and buy the exact ingredients each time. That's how we all end up with so much waste on our hands...
Well I did think he hasn't been to our kitchen then... We try NOT to have waste. I am a bit of a stickler for weighing out the rice, the pasta before cooking to ensure there is no waste. That said, the kids are growing and I have started to cook up more, in fact too much... So waste can creep up on you!

Totally inspirational and well worth the £4 ticket price to get in. What's more, family's could get in for £9 so it can be lots of fun for very little outlay. I went without the kids for a sneak peak, but wished I had taken them with me to join in with all the fun, particularly in the large area dedicated to the kids cooking school, where you could make soda bread, scones, cookies and other tasty treats.
Best advice if you do want to take part in this cookery school is to sign up in advance to ensure you get a place, as these were really popular classes with the local children! All budding chefs, whole families of them! So next time I will be sure to take my youngest budding chef with me, King Julien...

Now if you want to learn more about this brand new food festival, they do have a website. There are many more events happening in the local area for the rest of the year, including dates in Little Missenden (not to be confused with Great Missenden), Windsor and of course Gerrards Cross again just before Christmas.

We are even thinking of setting up a stall so you can get to touch and feel the lunch box range we have on offer: lunchboxes, lunch bags and drinking bottles we sell - just in time for Christmas too, so they do make a great gift any time of year!
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Let us know what you think and if you ever attend a foodie festival?

If you're attending music festivals let us know as well!

The Lunchbox Lady x

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