What Is It With Boys? Lunch box Basics

What is it with boys?

I have to say it. My boys are being extremely difficult and particularly fussy when it comes to lunchboxes at the moment. One is just too busy, no time for lunch; the other just plain fussy. Perhaps you have one of these in your household too?

So we've gone right back to basics with the lunch box.

Lunch Box Basics

We're trying to remember all the rules:

1 We eat with our eyes - make it look nice
2 Variety is the spice of life - Not bread again PLEASE!
3 Try and keep the sugar down, opt for healthy snacks
4 Make sure the lunch still looks nice and is safe to eat at lunch time - keep it cool
5 Keep them hydrated so they can concentrate until the end of the day - key water facts
6 Remember the Eat Well Plate
7 Eating little and often is better than not at all - huge portions can overwhelm
8 Smell is such a powerful sense - how to combat fussy eaters
9 Lunch is an important meal of the day - keep it healthy
10 Make sure the lunch box and lunch bag are still looking nice - see our range

For more lunch box tips, this article might help

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So we worked through the list today. I've been buying up alternative options to bread: finger rolls, pitta bread, crumpets, and baguette. I try and freeze whatever I can so there is always a handy supply in the freezer.
The menu today was:

finger roll with honey roast ham, cucumber and tomato with pepper
pack of oatcakes for breaktime
pot of grapes

So do you have troublesome boys or girls at home? And I don't just mean the little people!
The Lunch Box Lady x

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