The Parcel Has Arrived! Now we can PLAY!

We could not believe it and I have been bursting to share this, but had to wait until the parcel arrived!
And the parcel, our prize arrived this week! Eeek! So now we can PLAY!

You might be able to guess what's in it from the shape! It looks like a giant boot!

We entered the PLAY competition for some funding with Actimel to help us play as a family more. As the kids get older, hitting their teens means a certain reluctance to do things. Now we are trying to minimise this, but it can be difficult to do things together with the family. We all love the outdoors and we're all keen to be fit, active and healthy, combined with eating healthy food too.

Put this together with hubbie working away from home alot, I just wanted us all to do something healthy, all together this summer.
So I came up with a goal:  to hike around a lake all together, and as a family. 
But not just a tiny lake, no this one is about 40 km in total all the way around, plus it's not all flat either.
Now the funding we needed to complete this challenge was some hiking boots so the whole family would be kitted out. The older two kids have boots already, as they hike for Scouts and Explorers and you may have read about it here.

So can you believe it! Our wish has been granted and thanks to Actimel, we were one of the lucky families to be chosen!
So you know what this means!? I have to do the hike. And it will be this summer!

Now where is it you may well ask we'll be hiking? I'll pop a link in but don't wander off!
It's a hike around Lake Annecy, in Annecy, France, just 35 mins from Geneva. So it's incredibly picturesque and as we've visited before, we know how amazing the place is. We plan to head off as soon as the kids break up for the summer, and have a mix between camping and staying in gites, (I have to think of my back and creature comforts you know!)
I think we'll do 20 km a day, as our youngest is 10 and we don't want to exhaust him on the first day!
We're just finalising the logistics but think we'll do the lake over 2 days and then spend the rest of the time roller blading part round it, scootering/skate boarding another section where it's flat, and on that part, it is the best surface if you want to glide(!) OK I am not a natural when it comes to roller blading.
Then we'll finish off with a couple of mountain hikes to savour some of the local cheeses and inhale that fresh mountain air!

On one level I can't wait, but obviously on the other, it means we need to start hiking now. And I mean now. The most I walk is to school and back, and that is a mere 20 minutes each way, so that's what 2 km maybe? 3km at a push? And that's not every day either.
So you can see how anxious one could become at the thought of doing 20km a day! It is already May and we'll need to get our skates on, I mean boots on!
We managed a 12 km hike the other day, so 6km each way, but the ultimate will be over 3 times this! (Gulps nervously!)

Now the competition is still running, each month it's a slightly different theme, but it's all organised by Actimel who launched their Family Wellbeing Index.
I did suggest they provide moi, the Lunchbox Lady with a supply of the yogurt drinks to help us keep hydrated on our route around... Instead we've been lucky in trying out their amazing smoothie recipes, perfect for lunch boxes or picnic fun with the family.

So hurry on over and check out the Actimel Funding details if you're a blogger and let us know what family fun idea you'd be up for, if a bit of funding were provided to help you achieve your goal.
The next category is CONNECT.

The must-get-fit Lunchbox Lady x

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