Lunchbox Idea : Actimel Smoothies

As you know we're a pretty healthy family when it comes to food, mealtimes and of course the lovely lunchboxes. Always on the look-out for FUN ways with fruit, and vegetables and to keep the diet as balanced as I can, but without becoming scientific about it.
We try and be relaxed about it, so no-one develops a hang up about food. But we're also trying to constantly expand our repertoire of tastes, dishes, and the like so that when the kids are older, they won't shy away from dishes offered on a restaurant menu.

Now Spike, the middle one, is pretty healthy himself; having porridge for breakfast, drizzled with runny honey, a handful of blueberries if he can find them in the fridge, or raisins or dried apricots if not. I actually think he'll always live a healthy life. He's already talking about the dishes he'll cook as a student and he's only 12! And he's been nagging me to start buying seeds and nuts for him to snack on at lunchtime!

Big fans of the Actimel yogurt drinks, we keep them handy for that quick snack as a stand-by in the fridge. Our favourite until now has been the multi-fruit or tropical option.
Occasionally the kids have them in their lunch box, although, please do not ask me why, but often the little foil lids end up bursting or being punctured in the lunch box so the contents of yogurt spill everywhere!
So as an attempt to avoid smelly lunchboxes, we keep the yogurt drinks chilled in the fridge, waiting for the kids just as soon as they come home after school, or as a quick addition to breakfast time after a bowl of cereal.

Now with the launch of the brand new Special Edition flavour - Mango and Passionfruit, we were lucky to be sent a "food parcel" containing some fruit, a smoothie maker and the new Actimel yogurt drinks.

Set the challenge of trying the drinks and seeing if we could recreate the smoothie recipes, we were also urged to develop our own smoothie recipe ideas!

Although a busy week with the kids doing various tests, exams and after-school clubs, we made the time to make some smoothies, particularly as the sun streamed through the windows! And remember these are quick to whizz up, so not that much time is required anyway!

Our favourite has to be....

Apple, Mango and Passionfruit Smoothie

To make this you need:

Mango and Passionfruit Special Edition Actimel
1 large apple, peeled and chopped
1 passionfruit
1/2 mango
Handful of strawberries

Simply blitz ingredients in the smoothie maker until smooth. Add a lump or two of ice in each glass and pour the smoothie mix over. Pop in a straw and suck slowly!

Spike was my key helper on the day, but we did allow the other two non-helpers to sample the smoothies. Spike did make then up his own smoothie - it's slightly tart in taste, so if you are wanting something a little less sweet, then go for Spike's smoothie!

Spike's Smoothie

To make, you will need:
1/2 mango
Mango and Passionfruit Special Edition Actimel
4 strawberries
8 green grapes - all blitzed into a smoothie

Now Spike's smoothie was runnier in texture ie less dense to the one we tried before and fractionally less sweet.

Our Top Tips:

Make sure you keep a handful of ice, or use those icebags in the freezer to keep a constant supply of ice at the ready for those hot days, when you rush home from school...

Think about freezing those bananas-on-the-turn without their skins, as these are great in a smoothie, and they do go off quickly, if not eaten. Simply peel banana, pop in sandwich bag and into the freezer. Ready for next time you fancy a smoothie...

If you are looking for a bottle for your packed lunch, that doesn't leak, do check out the drinking bottle range we stock over on the Lunchbox World Shop

We'll also be trying out the Groovy Green Smoothie which is like green slime!
So do you have a favourite smoothie?

The Lunchbox Lady x

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