Kids' Craft - Meet the Grass Head Family

Meet the Grass Head Family...

The Easter holidays continue and it's now week 2.
It's suddenly gone really quiet though in our house. Over Easter there were 8 of us, now we're down to 3, so that might count for something.  Easter eggs have been hunted, cute Easter bunnie cookies have long been eaten...
The oldest, Tuna is away improving her German, ready for her GCSE's looming in the next couple of weeks, so it's just me and the two boys, Spike and King Julien.

Granny has headed back home, we've been and visited the other Grandparents, so it's suddenly a bit quiet, what with Hubbie back to work this week too...

So I got a browsing on Red Ted Art's blog and having seen all the seedlings growing on the window sills at the Grandparents, my mind was fixed on doing something to do with seeds...

These grass heads are really quick and easy to do, well with a 10 year old and 12 year old they are! (And in my book, you're never too old do do kids' crafts like this! It's all a bit of FUN!)  Obviously really little people will need lots of help.
Now you can tell I have been thinking about this for some time, as it was not that tricky to gather all the "ingredients" together. We had a stash of old stockings and tights upstairs, a box of grass seed in the garage and a sack of compost by the shed... After a quick search for googly eyes, PVA glue and an off cut of red felt in the craft cupboard, and we were all set!

Yes, the grass head family are all a bit bald right now, but hopefully give them a week and they'll have sprouted hair!
We were trying to be really clever and see if we could grow beards and moustaches, maybe a bit ambitious for our first go!!!

So do pop back and we'll be sure to let you see the results!

If you have made any of these, do share your experiences!

So what craft are you doing with the kids this week?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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