Kids Craft : Grass Head Family Need A Haircut!

Just as RedTedArt suggested, it takes about 10 days for these beauties to grow hair. For some kids that may seem like a year, but if you keep them amused on other stuff in the meantime, when these start to sprout, it's just great! Even with my kids and the age they are at! It's always fun to see things grow!
And wow! What sibling rivalry this Grass Head Family has caused! You see, each one represents a member of the family, well humans at any rate. And who's hair has been growing the fastest? Tuna of course! And where was she at the time when we made these? Away! In Austria! So you see, we started these during half term, and she didn't even help out and hers is growing the best.

Now I have been racking my brain to see if we did anything differently and yes, we actually did with hers. It was not intentional. I mean I am one for keeping all equal, all fair in love and war and all that, but it is worthy of note! And it was totally accidental... Honestly. And if I had known, I would have done them all the same...

Our Top Tip for speedier Grass Head Hair Growth:

DO NOT USE the reinforced toes in tights, stockings or pop socks. You know right at the bottom, where your toe nails touch the pop sock, that bit of stocking is extra thick and re-inforced? Well, the best thing is to cut that part off. For Tuna I was using a rather long stocking and made up the one for hubbie - well we can't leave him out. So he got the toe bit, and Tuna got half way up the leg, so without any of that extra thick bit, and the grass seedlings have a harder time pushing through that thick bit. It's obvious when you think about it. So, instead, just cut that reinforced toe area off, tie a knot to secure the end.
And then with the knot inside the stocking, fill as normal: grass seed first, then soil / potting compost. Then squidge all that down, and tie another knot that your head will sit on. Stick on the googly eyes, mouth and create the nose. We just used a tiny elastic band for ease...
So meet Tuna... one of our Grass Head Family, in need of a desperate haircut!

So you see, it's that easy to make your own Grass Head Family!
Just remember to keep them on a sunny window sill and sprinkle daily with water! And don't over-water or all their eyes, mouths will drop off!
Good luck!
Let us know how you get on!
We'll be doing cress and mustard next to pop into some egg sandwiches for those lunch boxes!

The Lunchbox Lady x

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