Disney's Shake It Up CD Review

My brood are all over the moon with Disney. We have always been fans, and it is something, a brand, that, as parents, that we can trust. I mean, if it's on the Disney channel, we know it is age appropriate and ok for the kids to view.
Although some of my brood are now in their teens or on the brink of teens, they still absolutely love anything Disney. Sorry, I did whisper that didn't I?  And now since Sky TV started up the Disney movies channel, well the kids think they are in seventh Heaven.
I mean, can it get any better than that?!

Not only do they love to dance, and sing along, but look now what has pride of place in the car....

So now you know the songs we're singing along to... Yes, EVERY time we drive ANYWHERE  - and EVERY time there's a school run drop off or after school pick up... this is what we are listening to, EVERY day!
And I mean, EVERY day!

So what is your tune of the moment? (This can be your own choice or kid-inflicted!)

The Lunchbox Lady x

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