Lunch Box Fun: Fancy a Game of Noughts and Crosses?

Remember the game? Noughts and Crosses? I used to spend hours playing noughts and crosses with my brothers on scrap pieces of paper as we hurtled along on the train, heading north to stay with our Grandparents living in Northumberland for our Easter Hols...

Well now we've the 3D version! No need for paper! And you can slowly munch your way through the contents!
We are always on the look out for some lunch box fun.  We all need a treat every now and again and it is almost Easter...

Well, these are being launched this Easter weekend, so do keep an eye out for them in your local supermarkets, wherever you are in the UK. Walkers Hoops and Crosses, or Noughts and Crosses as I call them!  A treat for your lunch box...

Clearly eat in moderation, but if you're looking for that Fun Friday lunch box idea, then this is worth thinking about. With 30% less fat and wholegrain goodness, these are sure to cause a stir at lunch time and bring the kid out in you!
We'll be sure to let you know what we think, once we've put them to the Lunchbox World panel of testers and we've had a chance to sample them.

So what would your favourite flavour be?

The Lunchbox World Team x

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